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      Olivia Chow leads the Institute For Change Leaders edutional initiatives and has trained thousands of activists in politil organizing. Olivia has two certifites from the Harvard Kennedy School's Executive Edution Programs and 9 years of teaching experience. Olivia Chow has also been one of nada’s most effective and well known public figures. She served 2 terms as a school trustee, 4 terms as a Toronto city councillor and 8 years as a Member of Parliament.


      Olivia Chow – Former Member of Parliament, seasoned politician and widow of former New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton – tells her story in this ndid memoir.

      “A gutsy book” – Toronto Star

      “Joining Olivia Chow on her journey is certainly a trip worth taking. From Immigrant to Member of Parliament, from self-discovery to community activism, from family conflict to deep love, the episodes of her life will keep you turning the pages.” – David Crombie
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